How Has The Internet Changed Our Lives Essay

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Technology has allowed us to connect with people with ease, and has made many tasks so much easier. From desktops to iPhones, the world we live in allows us to communicate with anybody with wireless access with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. From listening to our favorite music, to going to the mall, technology has made everyday life more convenient. We can text on cellphones, connect on social networking sites and video chat on Skype with little to no effort at all. It really is amazing to see how much technology has advanced and what it allows us to do today.

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Even though it seems like technology has reached its limits and will stop changing, it’s still improving and will probably stop improving itself. Just twenty years ago, personal computers became small and affordable enough for families to buy and use them at home. Technology now is a concept that we cannot survive without; an average North American person needs technology, to eat, to entertain, to cook, and to do many other daily functions. Lets face it we need technology to survive.

But this is to an extent, for example a computer can be one of mans best friends, it helps us write documents such as the one you are currently reading, it helps us obtain knowledge through the internet, and it helps us entertain ourselves with games, movies, and music. Since then, technology has shown no signs of stopping or even slowing down. It almost makes you wonder how people lived just fifty years ago. Imagine attempting to live the way your grandparents, or grandparents did, seems unimaginable right? Now within the last ten years, technology has sky rocketed.

I remember having to argue with my sisters to get off the phone because I wasn’t able to get on the internet due to dial-up. Not to mention, waiting five minutes just so that the AOL instant messenger could finally connect without interruption. How about calling your friends from a house phone? I don’t even have one of those anymore. With all of the new technology that was introduced, it was difficult to see what else the technology world could improve on. It seems as if every year there’s a new gadget in our hands. In the last couple of years, technology has done things

we could have never imagined. We can travel all around the country with out using a physical map. With the capability of GPS, you can easily track where you are and where you’re going at the push of a button. Now they even have computers and even tablets you can take anywhere, with internet that works at very high speeds. You can find out what’s going on around the globe instantly with online newspapers and applications. With the help of Wi-Fi you could be at almost any location and still be able to access the internet.

Our cellphones answer questions for us, as well as allow us to have a video chat with our friends. The communication options almost seem to be endless. New technology has made many tasks easier and more convenient. It was amazing when they introduced phones we didn’t have to have plugged into an outlet. Now, we are now able to access web, e-mail and social networking sites right from our cellphones! Social networks like Facebook, Instagram or even twitter allow us to easily keep in touch with close friends, family and co workers.

All you need is one simple update and you feel connected to your family that you haven’t seen in years. Being able to see pictures of events you missed, such as weddings or baby arrivals isn’t so sad anymore because through the virtual world, it feels like you’re actually there. Uploading pictures and videos straight from your phone to different networks is simple, especially when you have the busy schedule that most of us do. When I’m in church on Sundays, the use of physical bibles are becoming less and less frequent. These days’ people are reading and studying the bible from apps off their tablets and phones!

It seems that if every week the number of page turning has turned to finger pointing and scrolling. It’s almost funny if you think about it. Another really huge advance we’ve made technologically is the sharing and listening of music. We have gone from Walkman’s to I Pods and from radios to Pandora radio right at our fingers! I don’t think we ever thought it would be possible to watch season after season of a show without actually having cable or even having to be home when your favorite TV show comes on. Now it’s just recording everything or even watching movies on Netflix easily.

With the busy schedules of people in our society today, it makes our lives so much more simple and easy and less of a hassle when we’re ready to finally put our feet up and relax. I am very thankful for the people who have made things much more tranquil for people with stressful lives such as myself. Technology reduces the time it takes to perform everyday tasks. The time it takes to do chores, such as mowing the lawn and washing dishes has been cut down significantly. Dishwashers, stoves and other appliances have been a great help to many households around the world. Imagine having to look for wood and building a fire every time we cook?

I don’t know about you but when I’m hungry and ready to eat, I can become very impatient. Getting wood to cook on a fire would be very frustrating and exhausting. How about having to store foods that are perishable and only last for a couple days? Now of course this can be accomplished but the advancement of technology has allowed us to do things with less of a hardship. I know that after a long night of partying at home or even a simple family gathering, I love the fact that I can simply put dishes into the dishwasher and they are clean in an hour. How much easier can it get than that?

Advancements like washers and dryer save us all a backache… literally. My parents are foreigners and I hear stories about how they had to hand wash clothes and undergarments on a washboard daily. Their hands created callus and they had terrible back pain. Not to mention hanging every piece of clothing on the line. Things like this seem so simple to us, but really we should be grateful. Many people have debated on whether on not these new advancements are good for us. Although it has caused much controversy, the pros and cons definitely outweigh each other. I feel as though there are more positive things that have come out of it technology.

Not to mention how many lives it has saved. Thanks to advances in technology, many diseases that before was the cause of massive death, is now a thing of the past. With these new changes, scientists and doctors find different vaccines to help people be healthier. The medical equipment’s advances help process such as surgery in a way that was never possible before. Machines like MRI’s and X-Rays have added years on to life due to the fact that we are able to locate tumors and different cancerous cells inside the body at an early stage of illness. Not to mention the many people who have survived various cancers due to the use of chemotherapy.

I can speak from experience because my aunt battled breast cancer back in 2009 and won. She is alive and healthy today due to the help of the engineers who built these machines. Today, it is routine to get a heart replacement, which in the past such situations was simply impossible. Most importantly, we can see how scientists are in the process of looking for the solution to current diseases, and this will be possible, with the use of advanced medical technology. In the daily routine, Medical advances allow humans to live longer and more healthy lives than ever before and technological advances make the world a much better place.

The best reason for me to applaud contribution technology made is in the field of education. I see how the advances in technology help students in their learning. For instance, the use of projectors and video conferences help in important amount in the process of learning; by using these approaches, different kinds of students’ intelligence can be addressed. Computers are another example of contribution that technology made to educational field. The use of well equipped computer lab is truly helpful for students because they have the chance to learn computer skills that are very important in almost all the work environments.

Nowadays, teachers can find information they can use in their daily lessons. For instance, in a math class, teachers can use updated statistical information finding in computers ,by just a click, and they can infuse these information into a lesson, making the lesson related with real life situations for students. In the final analysis, I think the benefits technology offer to improve the quality of life outweigh the bad. I do not think technology is out of human control and for the many reasons I have stated above, we can easily see how technology helps and improves the quality of human life.

Ultimately, technology is developed by people to help improve quality of human lives and all of us are using technological advances in many different ways, also to indicate that it is incontrollable. Modern technology has created many conveniences in everyday life from waking up to music to having coffee ready to getting to work and doing a day’s work. The efficiency provided by technology gives people more time to enjoy life and pursue personal development, and the accessibility has broadened options for travel, school, and work. Lives have been improved with modern technology through convenience, efficiency, and accessibility.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives


Technology has caused a complete shift in the way people experience the world and how they live their lives. Personal computers, mobile phones, CCTV cameras, GPS systems, among other forms of technology have directly impacted human life. The internet particularly has revolutionized human experiences. This paper evaluates the positive and negative ways in which technology has impacted human life.

A few decades ago, the internet was just emerging, and different groups of people and organizations reacted differently to the internet idea. Some saw an opportunity to reach the entire world, to expand their business markets, and to get in touch with family and friends across the world. Other people were cautious at first, pointing to the increase in the spread of social evils such as pornography and crime. In the current world, technology has grown even more with new inventions in major sectors.

One of the most important changes that technology has brought to human life is communication. Individuals can communicate across the world in real time. Smartphones have taken communication to a whole new level. Instead of picking a phone to call someone or going over to distant places to chat, smartphones have made it possible for people to hold virtual chats. Social media has made communication even simpler and more efficient. Such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others enable people to instantly share information including news and pictures. An event occurring in a remote part of China or on a mountain in Vietnam is relayed live and the whole world gets to know about it and to see photos without waiting for traditional media houses to deliver such information. Information is more readily available than in the past. Greeting cards are gone and mobile phones have taken over.

Businesses have benefited immensely. Many firms have cut costs and experienced steady growth in their sales revenue due to a reduction in the number of people required to perform tasks as robots and other machines capable of interacting with people and other highly efficient machines take over key operations. Employees can work from home, giving them more freedom. Video conferencing, for instance, has made it possible for people to cut on time and traveling costs. Meetings involving participants across different parts of the world can be held online. Online banking has made it easier for people to access financial services from the safety of their homes, and to pay for goods and services at physical and online stores without necessarily carrying cash.

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Online dating has become a common phenomenon. In the past, people needed to meet physically thus there was a limitation in terms of how many potential mates one could reach out to at any given time. With online dating, however, a man in Pakistan can date ten girls from ten different countries, and set up an online meeting with each of them. It could lead to marriage.

The rate at which readers use physical libraries has decreased tremendously. This is attributable to the availability of books on smartphones, e-readers, and tablets. Online learning has made it possible for students to access education from across the world. Additionally, TV and radio experiences have changed significantly. No one has to remain a prisoner to their TV set as television and radio are now integrated into smartphones, tablets, and even on laptops. GPS services have made driving easier and CCTV cameras have intensified surveillance. Also, newer technologies such as artificial intelligence and 3-D printing have added to human independence.

On the negative side, however, technology is eroding the human species. Pornography has become rampant, and this is perpetuated by the ready availability of the internet all over the world. The internet and thus pornography is accessible from, among other devices, mobile phones. This is a phenomenon that is breaking up marriages and intensifying moral decadence. Human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking and other social evils have been facilitated by technological devices.

In the 21st century, terrorism stands out as one of the greatest threats to human life. Terrorist groups have turned to the internet to spread their message of hatred and violence. They recruit followers all over the world through specific websites and social media forums. Cybercrime has also become a new threat to the world. Depositors’ bank accounts are now more vulnerable than before, and billions of dollars are lost annually. Cybercrime also perpetuates racism and hatred as hackers spread negative, devastating social, political, and religious messages to their targets. Furthermore, human intelligence such as increased use of robots poses a threat to the human race. It is argued that robots will, at one time, completely phase out the role of human beings in some sectors. Moreover, cloning and other forms of genetic technology have been decried as unethical practices.


Technology is just as beneficial as it is destructive to the human race. On the overall, technology is more beneficial than destructive. As long as governments and other regulatory bodies play their roles in ensuring that security is not compromised and that people’s freedoms are not trampled, technology will continue to benefit humankind.

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