Sample Cover Letter For Immigration Officer Job Requirements

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Immigration Services Officer handles all documents and procedures for immigrants and foreign nationals. Verifies accuracy of travel documents, prepares paperwork for various immigrant requests and updates manuals teaching immigrants and citizens how to follow government laws. Specializes in verifying authenticity of United States passports.



  • Typing
  • Patriotic
  • Athletic
  • Multitasking
  • Decision making
  • Good eyesight
  • Microsoft Office
  • Document processing skills
  • Lifts more than 200 pounds


Work Experience

January 2007 to May 2008 Immigration Clinic of Eat More Corn – Eat More Corn, NE Immigration Services Officer

  • Processed paper work for all immigrants at the health clinic.
  • Worked with team of 42 officers.
  • Recorded any variations in the protocols established by Congress.

June 2008 to August 2009 Homeland Security Immigration Services – Eat More Corn, NE Immigration Services Officer

  • Greeted immigrants as they entered the office.
  • Took fingerprints of all immigrants applying for travel documents.
  • Interviewed all immigrants and their family members for relative visas.

September 2009 to August 2011 Non-Profit Immigration Services – Eat More Corn, NE Immigration Services Officer

  • Performed surveillance on suspicious immigrants. 
  • Worked with team of 20 x immigration workers.
  • Reported on crimes committed by legal and illegal immigrants.



2006 The Nebraska University, Eat More Corn, NE Bachelors, Business Administration

Immigration Services Officer Resume Objective

An Immigration Services Officer works for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The officer is responsible for interviewing applicants and reviewing documents in order to assess whether an applicant can be awarded citizenship. When applying for this position, you can elevate your resume by listing an objective at the top. This objective should give specific information regarding your credibility for the job.

What the Immigration Services Officer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

The best way to determine what your resume objective should be is to have a firm understanding of the requirements and duties for the job you’ve selected. Generally, Immigration Services Officers are responsible for evaluating and processing applications, as well as interviewing applicants and petitioners. The officer must have extensive knowledge of the rules and requirements for citizenship, and he or she should also possess strong discernment regarding individual assessment. The officer is also sometimes called upon to appear in court proceedings. When creating your resume objective, consider what makes you a unique candidate for the position.

Sample Immigration Services Officer Resume Objectives

Writing a resume objective can be difficult. It has the potential to either detract from or add to your existing resume. The objective isn’t a full sentence, but rather a carefully worded phrase that acts almost as a preview to the rest of the resume. Here are some examples that you can use for reference:

1. Obtain Immigration Services Officer position to assist USCIS in the processing of immigration applications at the ABC field office.

2. Immigration Services Officer with 10+ years experiencing looking for position at ABC field office in order to provide continued support in chosen field.

3. Multilingual individual with professional experience seeking position as Immigration Services Officer.

4. Former Navy Reserve Officer desiring position as Immigration Services Officer at ABC field office to further assist in a governmental capacity.

5. Seeking position with ABC field office as Immigration Services Officer to utilize background in communications and psychology.

Head over to LiveCareer’s Resume Builder for more help with writing a resume objective.

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