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A Fun and Interactive Experience

The York County School Division’s partnership with Discovery Education has been a tremendous benefit to students and teachers. Through this partnership, teachers have participated in professional development regarding student created digital content and the power of Discovery’s Board Builder. During their field trip to Discovery Education Headquarters, students were recognized for their exemplary use of Board Builder.

The field trip to Discovery Education’s Headquarters was an amazing experience for York County School Division students, parents and teachers. Discovery staff provided opportunities for all participants to tour the headquarters, interview staff, explore digital media creation, and construct paper-slide videos. Additionally, participants were able to collect original digital content and create a variety of videos regarding their learning experiences during the field trip, which included a day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. During this exciting field experience, the students were highly-engaged and learned valuable skills related to creating and sharing digital content.

Event Highlights

During the scavenger hunt, parents were overwhelmed by the building itself and all the activities planned for their kids, specifically the interactive green screen and paper slide project—many of them telling us how special this experience was  for them and for their children, to see inside the Discovery building and be a part of this experience.

The highlight of the event took place at the end of the day on Friday, when the group came together to present their paper slide and Shark Week commercials. Laughter and cheers spread throughout the room while parents and staff marveled at the amazing, creative work each student produced.


Lead with Content. Engage with Digital.

In a sea of crowdsourced content and OER, finding the right, high-quality resources continues to be a daunting and time-consuming task. But ask some of the country’s most respected curriculum leaders and classroom teachers what resource they trust most, and they’ll tell you Discovery Education Techbook™.

Standards-based with content that is relevant, dynamic, and carefully vetted, Techbook:

  • Is available in math, science, and social studies.
  • Saves teachers time with its comprehensive design that includes model lessons, student activities, assessments, and data dashboards embedded at point-of-use.
  • Makes differentiation easier through a blend of text and media, different reading levels and languages, and text-to-speech feature.
  • Can be used in any technology setting—in one-to-one and one-to-many classrooms.
  • Is updated regularly at no additional cost.

Comprehensive and content rich…these relevant, reliable digital textbooks are a welcome addition to classrooms and school districts that value 21st-century learning skills.

School Library Journal

2016 Review of Techbook

Here from our partners in Rock Hill, SC:

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