90210 Season 3 Episode 8 Annie Essay

Previously on 90210: I felt rejected.
I went home and Oscar was there and I slept with him.
Ivy doesn't know that you and I slept together.
You destroyed my family.
I thought it only fitting that I destroy yours.
Those photos you didn't wanna take? They landed you the cover.
- Are you in? - Absolutely.
I knew I recognised her.
That girl Kaitlyn is a junior, which means my dad put an underage girl in his movie.
History is largely told as a chronicle of great people doing great things.
But for most of us, life is not made up of big moments.
It's made up of small moments.
And with every small choice, with every small decision, we are defining ourselves.
I'm so sorry.
Are we proud of ourselves or are we disappointed by who we've become? Life rarely turns out the way that we planned.
The unexpected happens and it surprises us with new and exciting possibilities.
- Yo, Oscar.
- But sooner or later, reality hits you in the face.
That guy's mean.
He just clocked him, man.
Guys, what do you think of this one? You look happy.
I like your hair.
Dress is a no-go.
You're walking the red carpet, not wearing one.
What? People love me for my honesty and candour.
Who are these people exactly? Hey, try this one.
Oh, that's pretty.
I'll be right back.
You know, Ade You know, we really have to work on your posing.
I mean, I know you did that magazine cover and all, but on the red carpet, there's, heh, no Photoshopping if you know what I'm saying.
It's all about angles.
I actually would suggest the over-the-shoulder eye-smoulder.
- Oh.
- The what? Ass out, head over shoulder, purse your lips, and smoulder those peepers.
All right, what do you think? - Ooh! - Heh, heh.
- Yeah.
- So gorgeous.
I'd do you.
Now, smoulder.
One second.
Uh, this is really not a good time.
Why? I'm not busy.
Anyway, what do you think about Joe Jonas? Joe Jonas? I think he's amazing.
Good, because he's gonna be your date for the magazine party.
Um, I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm gonna bring Navid.
- Who the hell is that? - Navid, my boyfriend? - You've met him.
- No, no, no, sweetheart.
I know who he is.
That was the press after you introduced Navid as your date.
Who the hell is that? You need to go with someone who's gonna boost your profile.
Okay, I already promised him, so I can't.
Are we still having this conversation? This isn't prom, this is a major media event.
You're going with Joe Jonas.
The end.
So the person you admire the most is Margaret Thatcher, huh? Well, uh, I did a lot of research and she seems to be the kind of person that colleges respond to.
Colleges wanna get to know you.
They don't wanna get to know who you think they think you should be.
- Oh.
- But I did love the connection you made between the Falklands War and your battle with acne in ninth grade.
It was - It was really memorable.
- Start from scratch, huh? Just be yourself and they'll be crazy about you just the way I am.
Hey, Jen? Okay, why exactly does our son look like a miniature Robespierre? Chic, right? Ha, ha.
I'm coordinating our outfits for the trunk show.
Yeah, what are you going as, Marie Antoinette? Oh, no, Jacques, no, not in the tweed trousers.
Oh, it's okay, Jack.
I'd do the same thing if she made me wear a suit at home.
Oh, God.
- Here, you do it.
- Okay.
I don't wanna risk ruining both of our outfits.
You know, this is a total debacle.
There's no way I can get those dry-cleaned by tomorrow.
Yeah, so, what is a trunk show anyway? You're not buying clothes out of the back of an old Cadillac.
It's a first look at next season's new baby fashions.
Every mother in Beverly Hills with a black card will be at the Beach Club.
I'm gonna make all sorts of BFF's.
That sounds fun, uh, meeting some other mothers.
- I'm hoping to get some parenting tips.
- Sure, cool.
Like about diapers.
What, like cloth or disposable? Is there any way around babies wearing them? They make his bottom look all poofy and they totally ruin the lines of his clothes.
I mean, Ryan, you know it's true.
We got the flag up now and you can see - In other world news - Come on.
Talk about what we've done Okay, uh, heh, what was that for? You've got mail.
College apps are not gonna fill themselves out.
Have you even thought about where you wanna go? Yeah, definitely.
Somewhere with beachfront access and, uh, women's mud wrestling team.
Uh-huh, glad to see you have your priorities straight.
Oh, my God.
What, did you find a place that will let you major in Jay-Z and minor in bikini models? No.
What? This was addressed to mom.
l I opened it by accident.
What is it? Dixon, what? It's divorce papers.
- I don't believe it.
- I know.
I mean, mom still wears her wedding ring.
- What do you think that means? - Hey, maybe it means that she still hopes that they're gonna get back together.
- Why would she still wear it, right? - Yeah.
And you think dad even knows that she still wears the ring? - Probably not.
- Well, we need to tell him.
You gonna keep poking at your plate or you gonna tell me what's going on? There is something I need to talk to you about, Dad.
It's It's not easy for me to say.
- What? What's wrong? - Well, uh I saw some of your movies.
Uh Your work movies.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Is this about masturbation? - No, no.
- Masturbation, it's a very natural thing.
- Dad, it's not about masturbation.
Shh, shh.
Okay, it's not about that, Dad.
No, I saw some of your movies and I saw this girl at school and she just She looked really, really familiar and I couldn't figure out how.
And then I realised she's one or your actresses, Dad.
Her name's Kaitlyn.
She goes by the name of Jade St.
Anyway, she goes to my school, which means that she's underage.
You're sure about this? Positive.
Thank you for telling me, Navid.
I don't know how this happened.
You did the right thing to tell me.
I'm gonna straighten this out.
Oh - Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah.
Hey, hey.
What's up? - How was lunch? - Went better than I thought.
I just cannot wait to get in the water.
Ha, ha.
Getting your ankles wet doesn't count.
Are you ever gonna get over seeing that movie Open Water? Hey, whatever, man.
Sharks are a very real threat.
I think you're safe, buddy.
I didn't expect to see you here.
- A day off from driving Miss Daisy? - Daisy took a cab.
She got a full afternoon of purse business.
She knows the rules, man.
I deal with her, but not the drugs.
I still can't believe that girl deals.
It's not even like she needs the money.
I swear, I'll never understand rich kids.
Trying to understand rich kids is like trying to understand LeBron James.
The more you talk about it, the angrier you get.
He should've stayed in Cleveland.
No, no, it's not about loyalty, all right? It's about winning those titles, all right? Whoa, wait.
Are you sure you wanna mess with Dixon? You heard about what happened to the guy that pissed him off, right? Hey, please don't punch me, Dixon.
Hey, bro, I'll give you my lunch money, okay? Here, take it.
- Shut up, all right? - Ha, ha.
For real, though, why'd you hit Oscar? Ivy had sex with Oscar the night of the bachelor auction.
- Are you serious? - Dude, no way.
- Hey.
- Hey, Ivy.
Uh, Dixon, can I talk to you alone? - Later, man.
- Yeah.
Okay, Dixon.
Look, I'm sorry, okay, for everything.
I never meant for this to happen.
I never meant to hurt you.
You You dumped me.
I felt rejected.
I was in this really messed-up spot.
No, it's not an excuse and I know that.
But you have to know that I still love you.
Yeah, well, you should have thought of that before.
- Is that a mirage or is that really you? - Ha-ha-ha.
Your phone was going straight to voice mail so I thought I'd just come.
- Do you wanna go for dinner? - Yeah, sounds great.
What's the catch? You're gonna make me wear some goofy suit to the party, aren't you? Oh, does it have epaulettes? I told you anything but epaulettes.
They just make me look like a figure skater.
No epaulettes, okay? You can wear whatever you want.
Um, but the thing is, we can totally hang out together at the party but I can't take you as my date.
Oh, why not? Heh.
Victor wants me to go with Joe Jonas.
- As your date? - Well, he's not my real date.
It's a publicity appearance.
Look, we just have to walk the carpet together.
Victor pulled some strings.
I don't have a choice.
- No, you do, Ade.
- No, I don't.
Victor said I had You know? I'm sick of hearing Victor's name.
- Navid? - No, just stop.
Navid, don't.
How about you? I would tell you four hours of sleep would be a luxury for me at this point.
- Sleep deprivation is the worst.
- Oh, and breast-feeding Unh.
Oh, my God.
How barbaric is breast-feeding? Save it for National Geographic, right? Ha, ha.
Um, I was gonna say that breast-feeding can be exhausting, but it's also an incredibly beautiful thing a mother can do for her child.
Quiet, Jacques.
Ha, ha.
Oh, it's okay.
Stop crying.
Are those leather pants he's wearing? Quiet.
- They look hot.
- Thanks.
No, no, I mean, "hot" hot.
Like excessively warm.
Well, we all suffer for fashion, don't we? Jacques, it's okay.
He never does this.
- Do want me to try? - Oh, no.
Just, here.
Let me try.
Do you want me to just? Here.
Oh, hi there.
That's a good little fella.
Oh, hi.
Isn't he a good little fella? Aw.
Uh, well, I was gonna try that next.
That bouncing thing you're doing.
He's asleep now.
- Good.
- Hmm.
Um I wanted to thank you for your help with Cannon.
How about tonight at dinner? - What? - You said you wanted to thank me.
I suggested you could do it over dinner.
- Pick you up at 8? - No.
I have Adrianna's magazine party.
I love parties.
Eight o'clock still good? - First of all, it starts at 6.
Secondly - Well, 5:45, I'll be at your door.
- Oscar? - Hold that thought.
Till tonight.
- Come on, you have to pick one.
- Dude, I'm not picking.
- You're a nerd, you know that? - Yes, I'm aware.
Okay, fine.
If I had to pick, I'd wanna be able to fly.
Over being invisible? Are you kidding me? Have you ever imagined being invisible? Dude, the locker-room potential alone can get you so Psst.
Hey, what you guys doing? You wanna grab a pizza or something after school? Um - I don't really think I can today.
- Yeah, I got some, uh, homework.
You guys cool? You're acting mad weird.
Like more than usual.
No, it's just that, uh, everything that happened between, you know, you and Dixon, uh Yeah, okay.
I get it.
No worries.
I'll catch you guys later.
Jen, please stop.
- What? Did I forget to pay? - You took the wrong baby.
Oh, Sophie.
Sweetheart, come here, come here, come here, it's okay.
I'm so sorry, I Sweetheart, it's okay.
It's okay.
Sorry, Jacques.
Well, I guess that's what we get for having the same stroller.
You okay? Uh, yep.
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
Thank you.
Use this.
It'll help cover your blotchy patches and under-eye circles.
That's kind of why I'm not friends with girls.
Because you guys think that cover-up is the answer to everything and it's not.
Keep your blotches.
I hope you're happy.
- What? - Thanks to you, I just got fired.
You know, I have car insurance, not to mention college to pay for.
Well, maybe you should get a job at the Beverly Center, like a normal kid.
Oh, please.
Like you have any idea what it's like to be a normal kid.
You live in a mansion and you drive a Ferrari.
Okay, but whatever.
You know what? You shouldn't have lied about your age, okay? You could have gotten my dad into serious trouble.
- I could've gotten your dad in trouble? - Yeah.
You think he didn't know I was underage? He knew.
And I'm not the only one.
Hey, perfect timing.
I'm scoring the Principal Nowack segment, but can't tell if the Jaws theme is just too on the nose.
You wanna take a listen and? Hey, what is it? Uh, ha, ha.
I spoke to my dad and he said he didn't know Kaitlyn was underage.
She said he totally did and that she's not the only one.
- What do you think? - I don't know what to think anymore.
I'm so sorry.
I wish there was something I could do to help.
What? Why are you looking at me like that? - Hi.
- Hi.
You must be Dixon and Annie.
Your father showed me pictures.
Heh, um - Nice to meet you.
- I'm Katie.
I guess your dad didn't tell you about me, did he? - I'm your dad's friend.
- I gotcha.
- So is our dad home? - No.
Um He'll be back in about a half-hour.
Wanna come inside and wait? Uh.
No, no.
We actually gotta get going.
We should get home for dinner.
We were just in the neighbourhood and thought we'd, you know, come by and say hi.
- So could you tell him hi? - No problem.
Ha, ha.
It was really nice meeting you.
Uh, heh.
You too.
Hey, how did it go with your new BFFs? I wouldn't be friends with those women if my life depended on it.
They were boring and gauche.
And they dress their babies off the rack.
All right.
- You want me to do it? - No, I can change a diaper, Ryan.
- I'm not an idiot.
- Okay.
Go ahead.
Could you not hover? Shh.
Oh, it's okay.
Oh, my God.
Ryan! I'm so sorry.
- What's wrong? - I'm so sorry.
What happened? I was just changing him and I turned away for one second, it was just one second and he fell.
No, he's fine.
Come here.
Shh, shh.
- Oh, my God.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- What if I hurt him, Ryan? - He's fine.
I'm a terrible mother.
You're not a terrible mother.
Babies shouldn't wear leather, Ryan.
And I said breast-feeding was for National Geographic.
No wonder he liked that other mother more than me.
Come here.
Look at me.
Come on.
You're the most important person in Jack's life, okay? What just happened has no bearing on that.
You're his mother, which means you're gonna have more of an effect on him than anybody else.
Okay, you're the person who's gonna make him the man that he will be one day.
And he's lucky to have you, Jen.
Is this some new dance craze? I like it.
No, no, I was in a rush.
I didn't have time to dry my nails.
- You got your nails done for our date.
- It is not a date.
- Fine, rendezvous.
- Unh.
- I'll see you at 5:45.
- Aah! If you smudge, I will kill you.
What do you want? What's going on between you and Oscar? - Heh.
Why, are you jealous? - No, I'm not.
Look, Naomi, you know, you might be shallow and manipulative and incredibly narcissistic I'm not gonna stand here and be insulted, okay? Okay, listen, but you're not evil.
And Oscar is evil, so you need to stay away from him.
Hi, I'm Silver.
I like it.
What's your real name? Uh, it's Silver.
- I love the commitment to your craft.
- Ha, ha.
- I'm Holly.
Holly Woodlove.
- Nice to meet you, Holly.
You as well.
This is my first audition.
- I'm super-excited to get into porn.
- Oh, don't be too excited.
I know it looks totally glamorous, but it can be really hard sometimes.
What's your speciality? Uh, you know, little of this, lot of that.
I do everything.
You know, um, there is one thing that I'm kind of nervous about.
Okay, sweetie, it is no big deal.
They need girls with small boobs too.
Oh, good.
But another thing.
Um See, I'm not exactly 18 yet.
It doesn't matter.
They take anything that looks like an ID.
- Really? - Yeah, I started when I was 17.
Okay, go downtown and buy a fake.
It doesn't even have to look real.
Honestly, these people do not care.
Silver? We're ready for you.
It's your turn.
Um, actually, I'm so stupid.
I left my paperwork in the car so I'm I'll be back.
Holly Woodlove.
I'm sorry.
Hey, you're late.
I was starting to get worried.
Um, sorry, Mom.
Sit down.
We need to talk.
So I guess you saw these.
Uh, I opened that up by accident.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, don't worry.
I should have told you earlier.
I know the idea of divorce must be unsettling, but we all knew this day would come.
- What's going on? - Um Well, after we saw the divorce papers, we were really surprised, so we went to see dad.
To see if there was any hope left.
- Oh, you shouldn't have done that.
- Yeah, no kidding.
What? Dad is seeing someone.
I know.
I didn't say anything because I thought you'd be upset.
Are you? - No, just a little weirded out.
- Super weirded out.
But we're okay.
I know it's hard to see him with somebody new, but try to find a way to be happy for him.
And I'm here if you wanna talk.
- Okay? - Okay.
There's my little Jacques in the box.
Ha, ha.
He's so cute.
I got your message.
What's up? Oh.
Well, here are the shoes that you might wanna borrow tonight.
Um, you said I couldn't borrow your shoes because my bunions would ruin your toe box.
- What? I never said that.
- Yes, you did.
You were I mean, whatever.
Thank you.
You like? Listen, I will make sure to bring them back unharmed.
Take your time.
And here's a house key.
From now on, my closet is your closet.
Um, thank you.
Well, plus now you can come see Jacques whenever you like.
Ah! Better get going.
You don't wanna be late for the party.
- Oh, yeah.
Okay, I'll see you there.
- Oh, no, no.
I'm not coming.
I'm gonna just spend some time with Jacques.
Well, okay.
Um I don't blame you.
He's a darling.
Then I will make sure to see you tomorrow.
Goodbye, Naomi.
Hello? Anybody home? - Hi.
- Hi, I'm Joe Jonas.
I mean, no, I'm not.
I mean, oh, my God.
I'm Adrianna, hey.
- It's okay.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Uh - So thank you for doing this.
- Not a problem.
Besides, hope it will get rid of all the rumours I'm dating Lady Gaga.
My mom's kind of freaked out about that.
So how does this sort of thing work? We just walk the carpet together.
- Hold hands if you're cool with that.
- Yeah.
And if they ask us about our relationship, - we keep it vague.
- All right.
But the real question, which tie do you think? Because I have no idea.
- Uh, definitely that one.
- Yeah? Hurry up.
Joe is wait Oh, Joe.
I see you two have already met.
Joe, you look great.
Me? Adrianna is the one who looks great.
Uh, does she? Yeah.
No, you know, I don't like you in white.
Go put the black dress on.
Hey, Joe, really looking forward to your new album.
I already pre-ordered it on iTunes.
You're not gonna change, are you? - If you like white, you should wear it.
- Yeah, it's just a dress.
You know, it doesn't really matter.
I like the black one too.
What brings you here? You lied.
My friend, she came here for an audition, she found out how it works at your company.
You spied on me? Only because I thought you had something to hide.
So I'll ask you again, did you know that you were hiring underage girls? I don't appreciate being interrogated by my teenage son.
- Did you know? - Enough, Navid.
Well, just answer the question.
Did you know? I'll tell you what I know.
I know that you are nothing but a child.
A child who has had a very nice life because of what I do! Now, why don't you go enjoy your cars and your membership at the Beach Club and leave the rest of it to the grown-ups! Get the hell out of my office.
Navid, what a nice surprise.
How are you? Mrs.
Silverman, can you hold off on sending in my Stanford application? I wanna change my essay on who I admire the most.
But I love the essay you wrote about your father.
Yeah, well, I don't admire him anymore.
Why the sudden change of heart? What's going on, Navid? Is everything okay at home? - I don't wanna talk about it.
- So something is wrong.
Look, I'm your guidance counsellor.
You can tell me.
What's going on? - It's nothing.
- Clearly, it's something.
- Did you and your father have a fight? - We didn't have a fight.
I found out my dad is a child pornographer.
Okay? You look gorgeous tonight, Naomi.
Tonight? What do I usually look like, a bowl of dog food? Ha, ha.
No, you never looked like a bowl of dog food.
You're a spectacular woman.
- You really think so? - You're extraordinary.
Well, you have good taste in women.
You know, Ivy warned me to stay away from you.
Did she? I mean, she's always been jealous of me, so Oh, I can see why.
Let's go somewhere else.
I'd like to be alone with you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Uh, Jen forced me to come.
Said I'm becoming one of those obsessive parents with no life.
Since you're here, can we figure out what nights next week you're not gonna have a life? I need to finish Jen's schedule.
- Sure.
- Okay, Jen is busy on Monday.
So can you take Jacques? Oh, no, it's not Monday.
It's Wednesday, I think.
You know, actually, maybe it's Monday and Wednesday.
Shoot, I cannot find her calendar.
- Are you okay? - Uh, yeah.
I'm just having a little trouble concentrating.
So where were we? Uh, I think you were just about to tell me what's wrong.
I'm okay.
I'm I'm okay.
Deb, please, what's going on? I just found out that Harry has a girlfriend.
And I know that I shouldn't care but I do.
And the fact that I do makes me feel so pathetic.
No, it's not pathetic.
You were together a long time.
It's understandable.
Yeah, and I had to find out from the kids.
I mean, how could he not tell me? It's like It's like I never existed.
It's like the past 18 years of my life didn't happen.
Like, they've just been erased.
Honestly, what was it all for? Come here.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
I have an idea.
Ha, ha.
I bet you do.
- We should go skinny-dipping.
- Ha, ha.
Ha, ha.
I'll race you in.
What do I get if I win? Oh, whatever you want.
I won.
All right, the water's a bit cold.
Come on, get in here and keep me warm.
Right, well done.
Very impressive.
Joke's on me.
All right, now, just give me my clothes back, we'll call it even.
Because this is all just one big joke to you, isn't it? No, that's not what I meant.
Ivy, look, you're causing a scene, all right? Oh, I'm sorry.
What? Something the matter, Oscar? You got something to hide? I'm sorry, all right? Just give me my clothes back.
No, Oscar, you're gonna have to grovel for this one.
- You can't be serious? - Grovel.
Or, you know, we could just let the entire party see your cocktail frank.
All right, Ivy, listen, please, I'm sorry.
I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I will work for it, all right? Honestly, Ivy, I'm sorry.
I mean, that was actually It was actually pretty good.
Just not good enough.
Well, bloody hell, Ivy, what am I supposed to do here? Enjoy the spotlight, darling.
You deserve it.
No way.
What? What are you looking at? Just go away.
This is funny? Hey, I was starting to think you weren't gonna show.
Red carpet starts soon.
You wanna snark on some outfits with me? No.
What's going on? Did you talk to your dad? Yeah.
- And? - And apparently, I'm a spoiled rich kid who needs to shut the hell up.
- That's not true.
- Yeah, right.
I mean it.
It's not It's not true.
Come here.
You don't deserve to be treated that way.
Yo, the red carpet's about to start.
You guys coming? - Yeah.
- Uh, yeah.
Be right there.
- We love you! - What's wrong? All these people are here for me? - Well, what did you expect? - I don't know.
Not this.
Hey, you're a star now.
This is your night.
Enjoy it.
Adrianna, this way.
Hold it, please.
Come on, you look beautiful.
- Just get out there and wow them.
- Adrianna, we love you.
Oh, my God, Adrianna, hi.
- Adrianna, over here.
- Over here.
Adrianna, we love you.
There she is.
There she is.
There you go.
Adrianna, you're so beautiful.
I love you.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- You're awesome, I love you.
Can you guys stop for questions? Yeah, of course.
- Hey, you look beautiful, Adrianna.
- Thank you.
How does it feel to get your first magazine cover? Uh, it's a dream come true.
And how long have you two been dating? Actually, Joe and I are just friends.
That's right.
And I'm not dating Lady Gaga.
You hear that, Mom? I'm not dating Lady Gaga.
This is my boyfriend.
- Dude, go.
- What are you doing? Go.
His name is Navid, ladies and gentlemen.
And he's the most amazing person I know.
By the way, congrats on the YouTube hit.
Everybody's talking about it.
It's all about you.
I couldn't be happier.
- Thanks for having me.
- Thanks.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
You're working awfully late.
I have some very disturbing news about Navid Shirazi.
Actually, it's about his father.
Whew! Hey, thank you.
Really, I mean, thank you for your help tonight.
Oh, yeah.
What Oscar did to you was awful.
I mean, you are rude and abrasive and in desperate need of a makeover, but you didn't deserve that.
Well, thank you.
So girls have a lot more to offer than just cover-up, am I right? Ho's before bro's.
Yeah, we should probably make a T-shirt.
My God, that's a really great idea.
- Um, weird.
I have to go.
- No worries.
All right.
Well, ho's before bro's, bitch.
High-five? - Well, don't leave me hanging.
- Yep.
Whatever it takes to shut you up.
I'm really sorry.
I should have brought you as my date in the first place.
No, it's okay.
- Really? - Sure.
Can I talk to you? Alone.
Ha, ha.
It'd be my pleasure.
I'll be right back, sweetie.
- You look great, Adrianna.
- Thank you.
- There she is.
- Hey.
So, what do you wanna talk about? What were you doing out there? You know, when I was walking the red carpet, it suddenly hit me.
I mean, all these people are here for me.
- I'm famous.
- Mm.
- You won't be if I tell them the truth.
- Right.
But if you destroy me, I won't make any money, which means you won't either.
By the looks of things, I'm gonna make a lot of money.
So you have a choice.
You could expose me or you can continue being my manager on my terms.
Oh, and one more thing.
You will not be getting 80 percent.
Managers usually get 10.
You will get 5.
Hey, how's my college girl? Ha, ha.
Not in college yet, but one step closer.
I just finished my essay.
Can I read it to you? - Oh, I would be honoured.
- Ha, ha.
"History is largely told as a chronicle of great people doing great things.
But for most of us, life is not made up of big moments.
It's made up of small moments.
" Hello? Just me with my new key.
I got your text.
Is everything okay? What's going on? "Dear Ryan, I'm so sorry.
Jacques is better off without me"? She left.
She's gone.
"And with every small choice, with every small decision, we are defining ourselves.
Are we honest? Are we faithful? Are we proud of ourselves or are we disappointed by who we've become? Life rarely turns out the way that we planned.
The unexpected happens and it surprises us with new and exciting possibilities.
But sooner or later, reality hits you in the face.
My mother never imagined having to start over as a single mother with two grown kids.
But when the unimaginable happened, she adapted.
She found strength.
She moved on.
And I hope when my life doesn't go as I plan, which it certainly won't, I can handle myself with the same grace and the strength that my mother has taught me.
She may not be an Olympic athlete or a world leader, but my mom is definitely my hero.
" You wrote it about me? Yeah.
You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.
So should I continue reading? - In a minute.
- Ha, ha.
In a minute.

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Photos Credit: 90210-media.org All my thanks to them finding photos has become a real pain otherwise. I prefer to cap them myself but CW’s video player its just so wonky, anyway, on with the recap.

This week we begin with Naomi’s determined to beat Holly at the Greek games. The person who is over the Greeks is the one that rules the campus so of course Naomi wants to be it. She meets up with her sorority sisters to discuss the plan on how they will do that very thing. I have to ask couldn’t they have discussed this at home? They all live in her house or are we to assume they don’t talk at home? So really this was just a scene so we can see Naomi sparring with Holly again as she and her sorority come in from jogging aka practicing for the games in their pretty pink matching outfits.

Annie has a problem with funds I think that has been mentioned before which Holly insists can be solved if Annie receives a scholarship. The “rub” is that the application has to be completed that very week so Annie wouldn’t have time to train for the games. Hmmm interesting time right because Annie was the one that had planned to throw the volleyball game to give Naomi an advantage against the Kappas. You see Annie is still Naomi’s little spy in the sorority.

Navid’s uncle shows up with a bag of money for Navid that he made with their, he says Navid is involved because they use his studio space, car thief ring. Navid tries to give it back but apparently the money is his no matter what.

(Yes I am still protesting by not showing pictures of Jane with Liam, sorry Jiam/Lane fans)

Jane and Liam talk, Blah blah about memories then discuss trying to find a place to raise a baby. Oh but wait the life insurance company can give them money if Jane goes claim it in Alaska, hey that’s a plan then we don’t have to see Jane for a while Yeppie.

Navid uses the money to treat Dixon with studio time since he screwed him over last week with Juice. Dixon is ecstatic he overs to kiss Navid on the lips, it was funny. Navid declines and they choose to just call it even, I think. Oh when Dixon walked in the room he thought Navid was just going to take him out for burritos, so cute, I wish that he was as innocent in other areas.

Naomi tries to seduce Austin at his house by walking around half-naked in her underwear. We all know Naomi likes Austin but he is playing hard to get with her which turns her on even more. They make out on the kitchen counter which is typical of them both because they are both wild LOL. I thought it was cute but some of the dialogue was lacking in originality. Oh and Kreeah in this part, Austin acting did seem stiff no pun intended LOL>

After the break, they girls meet up to make plans on how to defeat Kappa. Austin is feeling sweet on Naomi after hooking with her earlier or the night before he showed up with a plan to help them.

Navid is feeling sassy and free after helping Dixon out but he still can’t tell Silver the truth about everything especially the money so things are not as good with them as they could be. He offers to give Silver a chance to produce something to put on her director’s reel.

Liam and Adrianna talk at the bar about Jane and why she is gone. Adrianna tries to make Liam feel better but again Silver arrives a few minutes later so Adrianna wanders off. At least Adrianna is getting the hint about staying out of Silver face. Silver asks Liam to be part of her project, she wants to make a commercial for his bar; he is all for anything to get business.

Outside Adrianna talks to a stranger who is hanging around the beach. He asks a lot of personal questions about Liam more than about her. I at first thought the guy was crushing on Liam LOL but okay I will try not to get ahead of myself.

Dixon is working on his album but not getting very far. They try to encourage him that it doesn’t happen for everyone young. He thinks with the ADD Meds he can do better but he has run out of them so he tells them he will be back later.

After the break, Silver’s commercial for the bar is suffering from a lack of people who can actually act. Liam is doing his best but it’s not working it sounds a bit too much like a high school play and less like anything near professional. Silver is frustrated but Navid seems to be getting a kick out it which goes over badly with Silver. I mean really he was laughing while she tried to stay calm.

Naomi and the girls are practicing with instruction from Austin who of course wants something in return for his help from Naomi. She agrees to meet with him at the stadium that night though she has no idea what it has to do with Holly running late so no one sees her sweat LOL, that was information from Austin, sound suspicious? Just wait.

Back at the commercial things are not going any better before the girl playing the tease, sprays beer all over Liam; well that’s a wrap for the shoot. Adrianna Tate Duncan, LOL, appears to volunteer to clean up the mess which is so out of her character is just alien to me. Of course, I reiterate that she will end up with Liam before the season is done, Jane will be history and Annie will be seething, but I digress.

At the beach house, Dixon is trying to find drugs in Austin’s room when Annie comes in the room looking for a quiet place to write her essay for the scholarship. They talk animatedly about serious stuff like the lack of tuition for Annie and Dixon’s music.

Austin and Naomi sit outside waiting to see Holly running her usual time late at night although Naomi secretly thinks Austin is just being romantic but as soon as Holly sees them kissing, she yells we are so over, to Austin. Austin’s plan to piss off Holly, his girlfriend, was what he wanted from Naomi as pay back for his help. Wow what a way to put Naomi in Holly’s sights; I think the episodes might get dirtier now.

After the break, Adrianna is closing up when the guy from earlier is seen outside watching her. She seems frightened as she hides behind the counter. Adrianna confesses to Liam about it the next morning after she spent the night in the bar. Liam is upset that she didn’t give him a chance to take care of it. Just a note the video was skipping so this might be a bit out-of-order.

At the games, Ivy who is unofficially a student at CU wins in the surfing competition, though it seemed a bit short well maybe she had won other rounds that we missed LOL. I have a funny feeling that Naomi’s sorority might get banned or disqualified when its found out that Ivy doesn’t go to school at the university but another student is going for her so she can be in the sorority mostly for the games.

Dixon shows up at the games looking for homework helpers aka pills, he actually does find some through the math team.

Austin acts like he doesn’t know that Naomi likes him when its time for the big gladiator contest; Naomi against Holly. I was really disappointed with this scene. I thought it would be a good fight, you know a long round of going back and forth with one person winning another winning then finally a big winner. I guess I might have expected it to be interrupted by a commercial but that’s because we have had the pictures of Megalyn ready in that pink bikini for a while LOL. It was very short; what we got was Holly throwing Naomi off guard when she realizes that Max is at the games but only after a few moments. Holly uses the moment to knock her in the mud. REALLY? What a big build up for nothing but it isn’t what the show is about so maybe it was just the timing that made it seem like a rip off. Holly informs Naomi since she messed with heart, Austin, then that was why she used the letter from Max to get him to come that day without Annie, who was hiding the letter or Naomi who owned the letters’, permission.

Well Max showing up to see Naomi turned out to be in her favor, they rekindled their romance and I can’t wait to see how Holly responds to that. Naomi finds out that Max is going to CalTech instead of MIT because its closer to her at CU.

I also hope they show an even softer side of Holly soon or at least tell us why she is so darn twisted. People aren’t quite as aggressive without a back story of abusive or at least parents that are similar in their background. I can’t wait to hear hers. Megalyn is doing an excellent; job at being hateful and back stabbing, ok but there is more of the show.

After Dixon gets his pills he is all ready and raring to go in the studio.

Naomi sorority wins the last competition thanks to Annie’s pitching in by throwing the last race which was the relay race. “Choke on it,” Holly says to Naomi as she passes her the baton naming her the New head of the Greek council.

Holly immediately kicks Annie out of the sorority then tells her she was never going to recommend her for the scholarship she was just trying to get her out of the games. Bree is available to hang out with Annie, while they continue their escort service. See I don’t know about Bree is she just trying to get Annie in more trouble? Is she Holly’s second-hand dirty work girl? She just seems top eager to befriend Annie to me, anyone else think that?

Raj and Ivy make up after her freaking out because he fainted out in the sun.

Liam arrives at his bar to find that its packed thanks to Silver’s creative editing on the commercial; it all worked out basically. I just hope the authorities don’t show up and close it down for all of them being you know under 21 and drinking……hmmmm. I know Austin officially owns the bar but hey unless you have special license to serve underage college students they could still get in a ton of trouble especially the more people hang around. I suppose whether or not they get into that sub plot depends on what else they have in store for Liam. Who knows next season he might be in college LOL.

At Naomi’s celebration party she and Austin almost hook up in the kitchen, he likes the bad Naomi, while Max likes the good Naomi the one she can be. Ok this could get interesting.

Late that night at the bar, Adrianna notices that one of the pictures Liam and Jane put up on the board has Jim, who is supposed to be dead but is the same guy hanging around the beach. He asks Adrianna not to tell them. Oh what will Adrianna, I am changed do now? I bet she runs right to Liam to stay in his good graces and get him more involved in her life. I totally don’t see her as changed, I think I have made that obvious LOL.

Well another good episode of 90210, I was glad to see Max again, he seemed to bring out the smarter Naomi the last time he was around though I am sure since we all know she will continue to wrestle with her attraction to Austin she and Max’s relationship will become either a big mess or a struggle for her. It will be fun to watch though, thankfully.

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