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1 Island ManBy Grace Nichols

2 Poetry from other cultures
Learning OutcomeBy the end of the lesson I will be able to :comment on how poets use language to create images in the mind of the reader.Annotate a poem.Key wordsannotateImage/imageryCultureContrast/compareIsland Man.docx

3 In pairs discuss the following questions and note your comments in your book.
What do you think life on a Caribbean island would be like?How do you think this would be different from your way of life?

4 Make a list of things from the poem that are from the island and things that are from London.

5 Evoking PlaceLearning outcome Use my experience or imagination to describe a place, its people and its culture. Key words Evoke Setting Culture

6 Using ‘Island Man’ as an influence, write a letter to a friend from either:
A tropical island.A bustling city centre.Remember to use language carefully to describe the place and the people.Describe the culture and traditions of the people who live there.ExtensionContrast and compare the culture and traditions with your own in England.

7 Analysing PoetryLearning Outcome Use PEE to analyse a poem. Key words Analyse Point Evidence Explain

8 POINT: The poet uses language to make the island seem bright and colourful.
EVIDENCE: For example he describes the ‘blue surf’ and the ‘emerald island’.EXPLAIN: This creates an image in the mind of the reader of a beautiful, vivid and sunny place.

9 POINT: The poet uses language to make London seem dull and dreary.

10 Writing your EssayHow does the ‘Island Man’ feel about life in the Caribbean and life In London?

11 Writing your Introduction
Briefly explain what the poem is aboutAdd any relevant cultural context Level 6/7)Example:‘The Island Man’ is a poem written by Grace Nichols and is about a man who is from the Caribbean. However he is now living in London; he is extremely homesick and misses his island. In his dreams he is taken back to his former life where the poem contrasts the Caribbean with London. The way of life is very different in each culture and London is represented as very negative, whereas the Caribbean is shown to be positive and vibrant.

12 When writing your essay make a Point about the following and find Evidence in the poem
Imagery – what does the poet help you see?Sound/Sibilance – what does the poet help you to hear?PersonificationLanguageForm – what effect does the shape of the poem have?Conclusion – sum up, in your opinion, the attitudes and feelings that the Island Man has towards the Caribbean and LondonRemember - to Explain your points in detail and compare and contrast the Caribbean and London each time

An Essay Comparing And Contrasting The Two Poems: "Island Man" By Grace Nichols And "The Fringe Of The Sea", By A.L. Hendriks. (Uk English Gcse Coursework, Ks 4)

Comparing and contrasting the two poems:

"Island Man" and "The Fringe of the Sea".

I recently read two poems, entitled "Island Man" and "The Fringe of the Sea". These two poems are similar in many ways, but also have conflicting ideas. They both have connections to the sea, through the content of the poems, but also through the authors. Grace Nichols is the author of "Island Man", and she was born in Ghana, and now living in Britain. A.L. Hendriks wrote "The Fringe of the Sea", and she was born in Jamaica, but also now lives in Britain.

The poem "Island Man" is about and for, "a Caribbean man in London who still wakes up to the sound of the sea". The First line is one word, "Morning". This emphasises the word "morning". It makes it seem important, which it is, because it is the main theme in this poem. When you hear the poem, you may also hear "Mourning". This gives the idea that it is sad, there seems to be sorrow in mornings. Most people don't like mornings, they suggest work, tiredness. This is like the Island Man, he doesn't seem to like morning because he has to wake up and leave his dreams of an island.

Then it says "and island man wakes up"; this introduces the Caribbean man. He has no name throughout the poem, which makes it more generalised, and so appeals to more people. For example, it would not be a very popular poem if it says "and Dave wakes up". The next lines "to the sound of blue surf // in his head" have a strong rhythm, a sort of beat. It suggests harmony, but the second line "in his head" suggests sudden discord. The alliteration of the 's' sounds changes so a "h". The "s" could also be suggesting the sound and regularity of the surf, or waves breaking.

On the next line this is an example of internal rhyming, between "breaking and wombing". "Wombing" suggest things like warmth, and loving. This makes you think that the island man thinks of the sea and his island as very important to him. He seems to long for them, as a child longs for a mother.

"Wild seabirds // and fishermen pushing out to sea." This suggests everyone is active and busy, living a lifestyle very different to one you might live in London, a lifestyle that island man has left this life behind. The present participle "pushing" suggests energy, unlike the "groggy" island man. The "sh" sounds in "fisherman" and "pushing" are onomatopoeic, they suggest the waves and the sea. The word "sea" in this line also rhymes with 'defiantly" in the next line, "The sun surfacing defiantly". This line again suggests energy, and determination, like a need to get up.

"From the east // of his small emerald island" The word emerald suggests rich, lush green, vegetation, and brings to mind the turquoise seas and green...

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