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Countless times, people ask for advice on how to write a games industry cover letter. I mentioned this briefly in my first Working in Games post, but using strong words in your cover letter and CV can make all the difference! I thought it would be worthwhile digging into this, and when I saw the image below I had to share.

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I’d also recommend words like “executed”, “delegated”, and “developed”. Think of words that are central to the position you’re applying for, and how they can apply to something you’ve done before. These words are strong and show that you were key to the success of whatever it was you did. Now, possibly the most important part of all is not to overdo it, and to make sure you don’t tell a fib. Let’s face it, if you get hired as a team lead when you have zero leadership experience, all because you said that you “led a team”, only you are going to suffer!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped a friend with a CV or cover letter, and they’ve used arguably “weak” words to explain what they did. It comes across lacklustre, and even if the person reading the application doesn’t realise it consciously, it sounds like the person applying for the position simply did less than if they had used more powerful words.

This will apply for any position in any industry, not just gaming. Applying for a games industry job means you’re applying for a position in a fairly young industry, so using strong words is important. The people reading your CV could easily be just as passionate and enthusiastic as you are, so make sure you bring out the big guns to impress!

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Sample cover letter for Internship position at EA games


Game Developer Intern

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my interest for an internship at you company. I believe my experience and skills will allow me to fulfill my responsibilities in a highly effective manner.

I am a graduate student in Computer Science (MCS). I have previous experience of Graphic Designing when I worked at Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (VIT Student Chapter). I have created many posters and flyers using Adobe Photoshop for ACM events. I have also created small introductory videos for publicizing major events using Adobe After Effects and Blender. I have also drew some sketches to upload on ACM Student Chapter Website to give a personal touch.

I am more inclined towards Computer Graphics and Game Development. Hence, I have enrolled in Computer Graphics course at Arizona State University, where I am leaning WebGL. I have already worked with Blender, Maya and Cinema4D and writing a program for generating a similar scene in WebGL is very interesting. I am getting to apply the concepts of Physics and Geometry to create a scene in WebGL. I have worked on 5 WebGL projects during this course where I have applied concepts of line and circle drawing algorithms (Bresenham), creating 3D mesh objects using triangles and adding texture, Animation, adding camera and light (ambient, diffuse and specular), working with matrices, writing shaders and passing uniform and varying variables, shadows, reflection, refraction, ray tracing. Learning these concepts have encouraged me to learn more concepts and making a game using my knowledge and skills is my dream. I have enrolled in Game Design and Development Specialization course at by Michigan State University. I am learning Game Development using Unity3D in this course.

As an active member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) chapter in college, I have served as a part of the Free and Open Source Software team (FOSS). I have organized Linux seminars and workshops and also represented my college in Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) for a FOSS workshop. Additionally, I have also spearheaded many workshops for freshmen engineering students. As a part of the annual college technical festival, I have organized and headed a technical event called 'Retro Revival' and it was a major crowd puller and a big success!

My Final year project was a web application for “Inventory Optimization in Supply Chain Management System” for the smooth operation of the supply chain in an e-commerce company by using a genetic algorithm. I designed a system to help optimize inventory, taking into account real- world factors like demand, festivals, weather conditions and more. The system can also be used for demand and financial forecasting. Along with the joy of developing a solution to a real-world issue, this project has also given me the opportunity to learn and apply mathematical tools like probability, statistics and optimization.

I have also worked with Aadhar Youth Foundation (NGO) where I created logos for their website using Adobe Illustrator and also created some videos featuring their events. I have a youtube channel where I teach Android App Development, 3D modeling and animation using Blender and I get positive feedback from my viewers. This encouraged me to learn more. I ensure you that I will put all my efforts along with my skills to make efficient use of any opportunity you might give me.

I have a Youtube Channel ( where I teach Android Development and 3D modeling and Animation using Blender. I communicate with my viewers through social media and email to find there problems and give them a proper step by step solution.

I have worked as a volunteer and as a website developer for Aadhar Youth Foundation (NGO) for 2 years. As a part of volunteering, I organized workshops for mentally challenged children to help them build a career where I taught them sewing, knitting, crafts and arts, etc. I also taught Mathematics and English to children who could not afford school. These experiences have helped me develop my leadership skills and learn to work under immensely stressful conditions with strict deadlines. They have also helped me hone my communication and organizational skills.

I hope to get an opportunity to work at your company and increase my knowledge. I ensure you that I will put all my efforts along with my skills to make efficient use of any opportunity you might give me.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

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