02.03 The Crusades Assignment

02.03 Travel JournalBig IdeasWhat I learnedWhat has made the Holy Land the center of conflict for centuries?It is the center of three main religions. It is theplace where Christians. Muslims, and Jews take their pilgrimage to.What were the factors that led Pope Urban II to call for a Crusade?The Turks seized Jerusalem and banned any Christian to enter. Because it was the center ofpilgrimage for Christians, Pope Urban called for a crusade against the Muslims to reclaim their city. First Crusade: calling all Christians in Europe to war against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land after Seljuk Turks took control of Jerusalem and barred Christians from the HolyCitySecond Crusade: Muslim forces regrouped and attacked Edessa, the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Hospitaller, and the Knights Templar rode forth under the banner of the Second CrusadeThird Crusade:Turkic ruler Saladin rose to leadthe Seljuks and succeeded in uniting the fragmented Muslim armies of Southwest Asia and North Africa.He believed the Christian armies were the infidels that had to be evicted.His forces took Jerusalem, the call went out across Europe to launch another crusadeFourth Crusade: Pope Innocent III called for a new Crusade, more out of a desire to elevate

02.03 Travel JournalAnswer the ques±ons with notes from your reading as you complete the lesson.1. What role might locaTon have played in the compeTTon for the Holy Land?±he locaTon of Jerusalem was at the juncTon three conTnents, Africa, Asia, and Europe. ±hat may make it a be²er area for trade and it is very close to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. 2. For what religious groups is Jerusalem considered a holy city?Jerusalem is considered a Holy City for ChrisTans, Muslims, and the Jewish people. R3. What tone does Pope Urban II use, and what promises does he make to encourage people to ride against the Muslim ±urks?±he tone that the Pope uses is one of hatred against the ±urks. When the Pope ended this speech he promised that any person that died ³ghTng against the ±urks would have remission of sin. 4. Why might peasants be interested in ³ghTng in ±he Crusades?Peasants may have been interested in ³ghTng in the Crusades because they heard aboutthe remission of sin and wanted that if they died. Another reason is they may have

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