Ignou Mba Ms 08 Solved Assignments July 2010 Toddler




. Location of facilities2. Plant layouts and material handling3. Product design4. Production Planning and Controls


Location of facilities for operations is a long-term capacity decision which involves a long termCommitment about the geographically static factors that affect a business organization It is anImportant strategic level decision-making for an organization it deals with the questions such as‘Where our main operations should be based?’The selection of location is a key-decision as large investment is made in building plant andMachinery. An improper location of plant may lead to waste of all the investments made in plantAnd machinery equipments. Hence, location of plant should be based on the company’sexpansionPlan and policy, diversification plan for the products, changing sources of raw materials andmany other factors. The purpose of the location study is to find the optimal location that willresults in the greatest advantage to the organization.


Plant layout refers to the physical arrangement of facilities. It is the configuration of departments,Work centers and equipment in the conversion process. The overall objective of the plant layoutIs to design a physical arrangement that meets the required output quality and quantity mostEconomically.According to

 James Moore,

“Plant layout is a plan of an optimum arrangement of  Facilities including personnel, operating equipment, storage space, material handling  Equipments and all other supporting services along with the design of best structureTo contain all these facilities”.

‘Material Handling’ refers to the ‘moving of materials from the store room to the machineAnd from one machine to the next during the process of manufacture’. It is also defined as the‘Art and science of moving, packing and storing of products in any form’. It is a specializedActivity for a modern manufacturing concern, with 50 to 75% of the cost of production. ThiscostCan be reduced by proper section, operation and maintenance of material handling devices.Material handling devices increases the output, improves quality, speeds up the deliveries andDecreases the cost of production. Hence, material handling is a prime consideration in theDesigning new plant and several existing plants.



Course Code : MS-02

Course Title : Management of Human Resources

Assignment Code : MS-02/TMA/SEM-I/2018

Coverage : All Blocks

Note : Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30


 April, 2018 to the coordinator of your study center.


Explain the process of human resource planning. Describe how HR forecast is carried out in the organisation you are working with or an organisation you are familiar with. 2.

Discuss the concept of ‘performance appraisal’. Explain any two methods of performance appraisal that you are

familiar with citing suitable organisational examples. 3.

Define mentoring and distinguish it from performance coaching. Assume you are responsible for mentoring of employees in a large organisation. Discuss how you will make mentoring a strategic function. Illustrate. 4.

Discuss the laws covering wages. Analyse the recent amendments and trends in laws covering wages inIndia. 5.

Critically evaluate the state of workers’ participation in Management in the present day business scenario.

Explain with examples your answer giving due details of the organizations and the sources you are referring to. 6.


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Course Title : Economic and Social Environment

Assignment Code : MS-03/TMA/SEM-I/2018

Coverage : All Blocks

Note : Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30


 April, 2018 to the coordinator of your study center.


Discuss the critical elements of macro-economic policies. How economic environment gives a direction to the changes in the economic planning? 2.

Differentiate between Economic Growth and Economic Development. Why is growth and development synonymously used in economic discussion? 3.

Discuss the genesis of mixed economy framework in India. 4.

“An important factor which influences the Balance of Payment of 

 an economy is the exchange rate of its currency vis-à-

vis other major currencies”. Explain the statement given above.


How the twin objective of equity and justice was met by the economic reforms of 1991? Explain. 6.

Write short notes on the following: (i) Trade Union Movement

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